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Ph.D. student supervision

Alireza Mohammadi Nodooshan, Topic: Software security.

Ulf KargÚn Topics: testing for security, software testing.

Former students

Rahul Hiran.
PhD 2016: Collaborative Network Security: Targeting Wide-area Routing and Edge-network Attacks.

Anna Vapen.
PhD 2016: Web Authentication using Third-Parties in Untrusted Environments.
Lic 2011: Contributions to Web Authentication for Untrusted Computers.

David Byers, Currently working at LiU-IT.
PhD 2012: Improving software security by Preventing known vulnerabilities.

Martin Karresand, Industrial PhD student, Topic: intrusion detection systems.
Lic 2008: Completing the Picture - Fragments and Back Again.

Shanai Ardi, Topic: software security.
Currently at industry Lic 2008: A Model and Implementation of a Security Plug-in for the Software Life Cycle.

Almut Herzog, currently works for a consultant company. (Lic 2002, PhD 2007)
PhD:Usable security policies in runtime environments Lic: Secure Execution Environment for Java Electronic Services.

Cecile ┼berg, currently working for SMHI (Sveriges Meteorologiska och Hydrologiska Institut)
(Lic 2005, PhD 2007)
PhD: An Evaluation Platform for Semantic Web Technology
Lic: Integration of Organizational Workflows and the Semantic Web.

Ioan Chisalita, currently working at Ericsson
(Lic 2004, PhD June 2006)
PhD: Communication and Networking Techniques for Traffic Safety Systems
Lic: Safety-Oriented Communication in Mobile Networks and Vehicles.

Claudiu Duma, currently working at industry
(Lic 2003, PhD 2005)
PhD: Security and Trust Mechanisms for Groups in Distributed Services.
Lic: Security and Efficiency Tradeoffs in Multicast Group Key Management.

Johan ┼berg, currently runs own company
(PhD 2002)
PhD: Live Help Systems: An Approach to Intelligent Help for Web Information Systems.

Lin Han (Lic 2001). Lin is currently a security analyst for Bank of Montreal, Canada.
Lic: Secure and Scalable E-Service Software Delivery.

Dennis Maciuszek (Lic 2005)
Lic: Towards Dependable Virtual Companions for Later Life.

Henrik André-Jönsson (PhD 2002)
PhD: Indexing Strategies for Time Series Data.

Juha Takkinen.
(Lic 1997, PhD 2002)
PhD: From Information Management to Task Management in Electronic Mail.
Lic: CAFE: Towards a Conceptual Model for Information Management in Electronic Mail.

Mats Gustafsson (Lic 1997)
Lic: Bringing Role-Based Access Control to Distributed Systems.

Niclas Wahllöf (Lic 1996)
Lic: A Default Extension to Description Logics and its Applications.

Patrick Lambrix, Professor at LiU
PhD 1996: Part-Whole Reasoning in Description Logics.


Undergraduate Supervision

Each year I also supervise and examine approx. 10-15 Master's degree projects ("examensarbeten").