Lexicalised Configuration Grammars

Robert Grabowski, Marco Kuhlmann, and Mathias Möhl. Lexicalised Configuration Grammars. In Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Constraint Solving and Language Processing (CSLP), pages 34–49, Sitges, Spain, 2005.


This paper introduces Lexicalised Configuration Grammar (LCGs), a new declarative framework for natural language syntax. LCG is powerful enough to encode a large number of existing grammar formalisms, facilitating their comparison from the perspective of graph configuration. Once a formalism has been encoded as an LCG, the framework offers various means to increase its expressivity in a controlled manner; trading expressive power for computational complexity, this makes it possible to model syntactic phenomena in novel ways. Parsing algorithms for LCGs lend themselves to a combination of chart-based and constraint-based processing techniques, allowing both to bring in their strengths.