This page contains information about RoboSoc.
The author is mainly Fredrik Heintz

Downloading RoboSoc

The latest build of RoboSoc-2.7.0 (2005-11-22). A new version of RoboSoc is released as an alfa version RoboSoc 2.7.0. It is similar to RoboSoc-2.5, the main difference is that it uses RCCParser (version 0.11a) by Tom Howard instead of its own parser. RCCParser can downloaded from sourceforge.

A new snapshot from 2002-10-25 is available. It includes more support for the latest version of RCCParser (we use CVS-version), which supports parts of the version 8 protocol.

The old version RoboSoc 2.5.0 is also available. It is a completely updated version of RoboSoc-1.5 with added support for logging, debugging and error handling. It also incorporates the new naming standard used by RoboSoc. This does unfortunately mean that old programs will not work with the new version of RoboSoc.

It includes support for Solaris, Linux and FreeBSD.

RoboSoc needs a C++ compiler that supports namespaces, I have used gcc 3.01.


Currently available documentation:
The online reference manual for RoboSoc-2.9.0 created by Doxygen from the sources.
The latest version of the draft of the user's manual for RoboSoc-2.9.0 (PDF, postscript).
A picture of the dependencies between the views (PDF, postscript). No longer relevant, since RoboSoc-2.9.0 has another world model.
A picture of the architecture of RoboSoc (PDF, postscript).
A picture of the field (PDF).
A picture of the game objects class hiearchy (PDF).
A picture of the data flow in the basic system of RoboSoc (PDF, postscript).
My Master Thesis about RoboSoc (PDF, postscript). The abstract (text).
The online predicate, skill, and view dependencies documentation for RoboSoc-2.9.0
HOWTO create a new predicate with RoboSoc
HOWTO create a new skill with RoboSoc
HOWTO create a new view with RoboSoc
HOWTO add a new team for testing skills, predicates and views with RoboSoc
HOWTO add a new standalone team based on RoboSoc

The RoboSoc mailing list

There is a dedicated mailing list for RoboSoc.
The address is:
To subscribe send an e-mail to with 'subscribe' in the body of the message.
To unsubscribe send an e-mail to with 'unsubscribe' in the body of the message.

Contact information

If you have any question or suggestions please contact me at