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TDDC78 organization (2012)


Schema vt2/2012 (as available on the schema server)

Lab group registration

Note that we have two lab passes that are marked by Grupp_A and Grupp_B in the schedule.
Find a lab mate and sign up for a lab group in webreg.

NSC accounts

The labs will use supercomputing resources at NSC. See here for how to get an account at NSC (deadline: tuesday 20 march 2012).
Note that you will need to attach a copy of your passport, a recent personbevis or other document certifying your nationality, with your account application form. This is required due to U.S. embargo regulations. Old-style swedish ID cards or driving licenses are thus not acceptable.

Exam dates: check tentasök for dates and locations.

Lectures and lessons:

Lectures and lessons


see the lab information

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