DF21500 Multicore Computing

Papers for Student Presentations (18/9/2013)

Choose one paper from the following list for presentation and another (preferably related) one for opposition.


  1. D. Cederman, Ph. Tsigas:
    Supporting Lock-Free Composition of Concurrent Data Objects.
    Proceedings of the 7th ACM conference on Computing frontiers, pp. 53-62. 2010.

  2. Maged M. Michael, Michael L. Scott:
    Non-Blocking Algorithms and Preemption-Safe Locking on Multiprogrammed Shared Memory Multiprocessors
    J. Parallel and Distr. Comput. 51(1): 1-26, May 1998.


  4. Maurice Herlihy, J. Eliot B. Moss:
    Transactional memory: Architectural support for lock-free data structures.
    Proc. ISCA'93 20th Int. Symp. on Computer Architecture, pp. 289-300, 1993.


  6. Q. Hou et al.:
    BSGP: Bulk-synchronous GPU programming.
    ACM Trans. Graph. 27(3), article 19, 2008.

  7. R. Chen et al.:
    Tiled-MapReduce: optimizing resource usages of data-parallel applications on multicore with tiling
    Proc. PACT-2010 Conference, ACM.


  9. M. Nijhuis et al.:
    Mapping and synchronizing streaming applications on Cell processors
    Proc. HiPEAC'09 conference, Jan. 2009


  11. N. Thomas et al.:
    A Framework for Adaptive Algorithm Selection in STAPL.
    Proc. ACM SIGPLAN Symp. Prin. Prac. Par. Prog. (PPOPP), pp. 277-288, Chicago, Illinois, Jun 2005.

  12. Markus Püschel et al.:
    SPIRAL: Code Generation for DSP Transforms
    Proceedings of the IEEE 93(2):232-275, 2005

  13. S. Williams et al.:
    PERI - Auto-tuning memory-intensive kernels for multicore
    SciDAC 2008, Journal of Physics: Conference Series 125(2008) 012038, IOP Publishing

  14. B. Jang et al.
    Exploiting Memory Access Patterns to Improve Memory Performance in Data-Parallel Architectures.
    IEEE Trans. Par. Distr. Syst. 22(1), Jan. 2011.


  16. M. Amber Hassaan, Martin Burtscher, and Keshav Pingali:
    Ordered vs. Unordered: a Comparison of Parallelism and Work-efficiency in Irregular algorithms
    Proc. PPoPP'11 ACM Symp. on Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming, 2011.

  17. D. Cederman, Ph. Tsigas:
    GPU-Quicksort: A practical Quicksort algorithm for graphics processors.
    ACM Journal of Experimental Algorithmics, Vol. 14, Article No. 1.4, July 2009.

  18. N. Leischner, V. Osipov, P. Sanders:
    GPU Sample Sort.
    Proc. IPDPS-2010, April 2010.

  19. A. Azevedo et al.:
    Parallel H.264 Decoding on an Embedded Multicore Processor.
    Proc. HiPEAC'09 conference, Jan. 2009


  21. V. Adve, M. Vernon:
    Parallel program performance prediction using deterministic task graph analysis.
    ACM Trans. on Computer Systems 22(1), Feb. 2004.

  22. S. Baghsorkhi et al.:
    An adaptive performance modeling tool for GPU architectures.
    Proc. ACM PPoPP-2010.

  23. Other Optimizations and Analyses

  24. N. Vasudevan et al.:
    Simple and fast biased locks
    Proc. PACT-2010, ACM.

Task: Prepare a 25 minutes presentation of your chosen paper and at least 3 questions on the other paper for opposition.
After the presentation, hand in a written summary of your presented paper on 2-3 pages.

Please send me your presentation slides (ppt or pdf) for approval at least 48h before your presentation. If you do not get any reply, you can proceed and present.

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