Papers for review
Compiler Seminar: Programming language design and implementation

to be distributed in the introductory meeting 5/9/2003.

Paper 1:

George, Blume:
Taming the IXP Network Processor.
PLDI 2003.

Paper 2:

Stephenson, Amarasinghe, Martin, O'Reilly:
Meta Optimization: Improving Compiler Heuristics with Machine Learning.
PLDI 2003.

Paper 3:

Chu, Fan, Mahlke:
Region-based Hierarchical Operation Partitioning for Multicluster Processors.
PLDI 2003.

Paper 4:

Eckstein, Scholz:
Addressing Mode Selection.
CGO 2003.

Paper 5:

Gibert, Sanchez, Gonzalez:
Local Scheduling Techniques for Memory Coherence in a Clustered VLIW Processor with a Distributed Data Cache.
CGO 2003.

Paper 6:

Dor, Rodeh, Sagiv:
CSSV: Towards a Realistic Tool for Statically Detecting All Buffer Overflows in C.
PLDI 2003.

Paper 7:

Triantafyllis et al.:
Compiler Optimization Space Exploration.
CGO 2003.

Paper 8:

Yotov et al.:
A Comparison of Empirical and Model-driven Optimization.
PLDI 2003.

Paper 9:

Smelyanski et al.:
Predicate-Aware Scheduling: A Technique for Reducing Resource Constraints.
CGO 2003.

Paper 10:

Spadini et al.:
Improving Quasi-Dynamic Schedules through Region Slip.
CGO 2003.


CGO 2003: Proc. Int. Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization (CGO'03), 2003, IEEE Computer Society Press.

PLDI 2003: Proc. 2003 ACM SIGPLAN Conf. on Programming Language Design and Implementation (PLDI'03), ACM Press.

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