DF00100: Student presentation session


Prof. Christoph Kessler, Linköping university


Session 1 (09:30-10:30, 10:45-11:15): Autotuning and Multicore Computing Session 2 (11:15-11:45): Instruction selection

Session 3 (13:45-15:15): More Code Generation and Optimization

The following presentations will be given at a later date due to schedule clashes:


Prepare a presentation of about 25 minutes of your paper chosen for presentation, and three good questions about the paper you are opponent for. Finally, send a written summary of your presented paper (using your own words) of about 2 pages to the examinator.
All moments must be passed to get the credits for the presentation.

Note: Your presentation will be stopped after 25 minutes. Hence, avoid having more than 15 slides (unless you need more for animations), avoid having too much text and use pictures instead where appropriate.
Focus on the most important contributions - what is it that we should keep in mind from your presentation?

Send me your complete slides at least one day before the presentation for approval. No draft versions, please!
If you do not get any feedback, you can assume that the slides are basically OK.

Note: You can (and should) be critical to the approach taken in the paper. Distinguish between your opinion and that of the authors.
At the conclusion of your presentation, you may elaborate on the question what you would do differently or try next if this were your research project.