Travel and order. Dialogue number 3. English translation.

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Welcome to WingHoliday.
==> which are the travel destinations
WingHoliday has trips to the following places in Greece: Ikaria, Lefkas, Naxos, Crete, Samos and 
==> show information about ikaria
Unique and very different!
Ikaria fulfills your dreams of complete relaxation. You live in an idyllic hamlet surrounded by 
wide sandy beaches and water that seems to come from another hemisphere. Welcome to paradise--
you're Robinson Crusoe! Here you certainly need not be in a hurry. The stores prefer not to open 
till sundown. Better to sit at the taverna and talk about old times on the seven seas. Many 
former sailors live on Ikaria. In good English you can hear the legend of Ikaros, who gave this 
unusual island its name. Even nature is special on Ikaros. In some places the wild vegetation 
becomes almost a jungle. Have we made you curious? Pack your bag and travel now, while the island 
is still at its best.
==> where on the map is ikaria?
Ikaria lies in the Aegean Sea, near Turkey.
==> show ikaria on the map 
==> where can one stay on ikaria? 
The hotel on Ikaria is Cavos Bay.
Cavos Bay is at the edge of Armenistis village.
==> are there any discotheques on ikaria?
Ikaria has one discotheque, and some bars. Otherwise you spend evenings at the taverna in Greek 
style with the islanders.
==> how many people live in Armenistis?
Population of Ikaria: 7,500, including 2,300 in Agios Kyrikos and 150 in Armenistis. Total 70 
==> what does it cost to travel to ikaria the last two weeks in july
Price Cavos Bay:
               21/7     28/7 
1 week         3600     3600 
2 weeks        4550     4550 
==> are there flats to rent?
==> show lefkas on the map
==> tell about lefkas
A verdant paradise in the Ionian Sea
Here you meet a rolling landscape with green pine forests and shadowy olive groves. If you've 
seen the beaches of Lefkas, others can hardly attract you. A beach at Vasiliki village is 
considered to be one of the world's five best for windsurfing. If you want sun, swimming, and 
strolling, you should stay with WingHoliday. Our hotel lies near the long, fine beaches on the 
west side. Choose between the fishing village Agios Nikitas, the genuinely Greek hamlet 
Tsoukalades, Villa Ioli at the beach in Agios Ioannis, or Lefkas itself--an idyllic small town 
with beaches at walking distance. Enjoy the peaceful rural life, find a cove to swim in, and 
you'll discover that Lefkas has just what you need. Fascinated by these novelties, which aren't 
yet in the travel catalogue? Then come with WingHoliday to Lefkas, where generous hospitality 
awaits you!
==> are there hotels with flats?
==> are there flats to rent?
No, Lefkas has no hotels with flats.
==> how many people live on lefkas?
Population of Lefkas: island 25,000 and town 8,000.
==> how many people live in the different villages?
WingHoliday has no information about this. 
==> where are the hotels on the island?
The hotels are shown on the map.
The hotels on Lefkas are: Odyssey, Xenia, Adani, Villa Ioli, Spiti Argo and Santa Maura.
==> what does it cost to travel to lefkas the last two weeks in july?
Which hotel are you interested in?
==> all
Price Odyssey: 
           2/7      9/7     16/7     23/7     30/7 
1 week    3200     3200     3150     3150     3150 
2 weeks   4400     4400     4300     4300     4300 
Price Xenia: 
           2/7      9/7     16/7     23/7     30/7 
1 week    3350     3350     3300     3300     3300 
2 weeks   4750     4750     4650     4650     4650 
Price Adani: 
           2/7      9/7     16/7     23/7     30/7 
1 weeks   3050     3050     3000     3000     3000 
2 weeks   4150     4150     4050     4050     4050 
Price Villa Ioli: 
           2/7      9/7     16/7     23/7     30/7 
1 week    2700     2700     2650     2650     2650 
2 weeks   3500     3500     3400     3400     3400 
Price Spiti Argo: 
           2/7      9/7     16/7     23/7     30/7 
1 week    3100     3100     3050     3050     3050 
2 weeks   4200     4200     4100     4100     4100 
Price Santa Maura: 
           2/7      9/7     16/7     23/7     30/7 
1 week    2950     2950     2900     2900     2900 
2 weeks   3900     3900     3800     3800     3800 
==> what does the price at villa ioli include?
The basic price at Villa Ioli includes shared double room with terrace. Cleaning 2 days/week, 
no dishwashing. No meals. One bicycle per person.
==> can one make one's own meals at villa ioli
Villa Ioli has bright double rooms with shower/WC, fridge, small hot- plate, and very simple 
kitchen equipment without sink. Terrace or balcony, many with a sea view. One extra bed.
==> what does the price at santa maura include?
The basic price at Santa Maura includes shared double room and breakfast.
==> how are the rooms at santa maura?
Santa Maura has bright double rooms of varying size with private shower/WC or bath/WC, some along 
the corridor. Many have balcony. One extra bed.
==> what does the price at spiti argo include?
The basic price at Spiti Argo includes shared double room. Cleaning 2 days/week. No meals.
==> is it possible to make one's own meals at spiti argo?
Spiti Argo has rather small double rooms with shower/WC, fridge, and private or shared balcony 
or terrace. One small extra bed.
==> how many discotheques are on lefkas?
Lefkas town has music pubs, summer discotheques and bars. Agios Nikitas has a few bars and one 
discotheque. This is not a high- entertainment island. 
==> tell about naxos
A new place of beauty with true Greek charm.
According to legend, Naxos is the island of Dionysos, god of wine. Today its wines still rank 
among the best in Greece. Your voyage of discovery to Naxos begins comfortably in first class 
on a large passenger ship that glides through the archipelago. On Naxos you live conveniently 
close to the long, shallow beach of Agios Giorgos, fine for children. By evening one can enjoy 
strolling the narrow lanes of the Kastro--old part of the main town Chora--and perhaps going to 
a restaurant. High prices are as yet unknown here! Sit at a café in the harbour, or climb to 
Naxos' hallmark, the colossal marble gate that remains from a temple of Apollo, and admire the 
lovely sun that sinks slowly into the sea behind the neighbouring isle of Paros. We at WingHoliday 
are glad to give you the chance of spending your holidays here. Unaware of its friendly atmosphere 
and the endless beaches of golden sand that follow all round its coast, many enthusiasts of 
Greece have missed Naxos. You needn't make the same mistake! We welcome you to a shimmering 
island world. 
==> show naxos on the map
==> tell about the island's outdoor life? 
The many cafés, bars and restaurants along the harbour promenade are natural meeting places on 
Naxos. Night life is not very hectic, but there are several discotheques to choose among. Why 
not visit some of the local festivals that are arranged in the island's 40 villages?
==> are there hotels with flats?
The hotels with flats on Naxos are: Aeolis Studios and Theona.
==> what does it cost to stay at aeolis or theona the last two weeks in july?
Price Aeolis Studios:
               19/7     26/7 
1 week         3475     3425 
2 weeks        4575     4525 
Price Theona: 
               19/7     26/7 
1 week         3350     3300 
2 weeks        4350     4300 
==> what does the price at Aeolis Studios include?
The basic price at Aeolis Studios includes shared double room with breakfast, or shared flat 
without meals. Cleaning 6 days/week, no dishwashing.
==> what does the price at theona include?
The basic price at Theona includes shared flat. Cleaning 2 days/week, no dishwashing. No meals.
==> are there flats for two people at theona?
Theona has one-room flats for two people with bedroom and kitchenette or separate kitchen, 
shower/WC and small balcony. One extra bed.
==> are theona and aeolis studios near the beach and promenade?
The beach is 20 m from Aeolis Studios.
From Theona the beach is 200 m away.
==> are there flats for two people at aeolis studios?
Aeolis Studios has one-room flats for two people with combined bedroom and bar-kitchen, shower/
WC and terrace with sea view. One extra bed.
==> where on the island are aeolis studios and theona?
Aeolis Studios is in Naxos town (Chora) at Agios Georgios beach.
Argo is in Naxos town (Chora).
==> How many discotheques are in Crete?
Chania in Crete has a youthful atmosphere with many music bars, pubs and discotheques. Just 
outside Platanias is a large popular outdoor discotheque.
==> how many discotheques are in samos?
Samos has international life in Pythagorion. There are bars, a couple of discotheques and a 
bouzouki club.
==> how many discotheques are in tolon?
Tolon has discotheques and bars along the main street. During July and August the alternatives 
==> I want to order a trip to naxos
How many travellers?
==> two
How long do you plan to be away?
==> one week
Which hotel do you want to stay at?
==> aeolis studios and we want to leave third week in july
Departure from Stockholm to Naxos 07:00. Return from Naxos 15:40.
Departure from Göteborg to Naxos 07:10. Return from Naxos 15:55.
Departure from Copenhagen to Naxos 08:35. Return from Naxos 16:25.
Which airport do you want to leave from?
==> stockholm
Would you like cancellation insurance?
==> yes
Would you like travel insurance?
==> no
What is your name?
==> Abcd Efghij
Address and telephone number?
==> Klmnopqrstuv. 1 020-345678
Wait, booking...
WingHoliday has now booked a trip to Naxos for two people for one week at hotel Aeolis Studios.
Departure from Stockholm 19 July 07:00. Estimated return to Stockholm 26 July 15:40.
The trip costs 3,475 crowns per person. Flight surcharge 345 crowns per person. 
Cancellation insurance 105 crowns per person. No travel insurance.
Total 7,850 crowns paid in cash at WingHoliday office within 10 days.
Can WingHoliday help with anything else?
==> no thanks
WingHoliday wishes you a pleasant journey!

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