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TGTU51 Introduction to Advanced Academic Studies

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20/12  Grades and Feedback on Papers handed in for Final Deadline

We have now corrected all the papers handed in for the final deadline. Your language and papers have improved considerably and most of you are now approved. Sadly some of you still have some way to go and we cannot pass you this year. If you re-register for the course next year (the coming fall) we have noted which parts you have been approved on so you only have to redo the parts you have not yet passed on.

The papers (summaries and critical reflections) are also available with feedback at the course assistants office and you are welcome to come by and pick-up your paper(s) with feedback from Pamela. This especially goes out to those of you who are not approved, so you know what to improve to your next year, but also to those of you who are approved so you know what was good and what was less good.

21/11  Final Deadline for all assignments

Information about the final deadlines for all assignments are now up. More information can be found under the seminar tab.

23/10  Schedule updated

The Schedule for HT2 is now available.

13/10  New information about the critical reflection exercise and new deadline

Due to all the confusion about the critical reflection exercise we have added some new information about the exercise in the seminar section. Check it to know what to do. We have also decided to extend the deadline to the 31:st October 13.00.

4/10  Slides from lecture 3 available

The lecture-slides from lecture 3 are now available under timetable->lecture3->lecture-information.

1/9  Registration information

We have noticed some confusion about how to register for the course and in Webreg. This is understandable since the registration for this semester just opened (29:th of August) and we missed that this date was so late. It also seems that some of you are unaware why and how you register for a course so here follows some information and HOWTOs.
First, it is important to understand that applying and being accepted (or signing up) to the course and register for the course are two different things. As new master student you are automatically accepted and signed up for all courses in your program this semester, you do however also need to register that you are taking them. This is done in the beginning of the relevant semester, for this semester the registration opened the 29:th of august. When you are registering for a course you approve that you are taking the course this semester and you will have to get special approval to re-register for the course at a later date if you already have register for it a previous semester.

What to do stepwise:

  • 1. Make sure you are signed up for the course. This is done in the Student Portal where you log in with your Liu-Id as usual. You then press "Course application/Election" followed by "Show course applications". You are now asked to choose semester and you choose 2011HT. This should give you a list of courses, if TGTU51 is in the list you are signed up and can continue to step 2 otherwise you go to "how to sign up for the course" below.
  • 2. Register for the course. To register you log into the Student Portal as normal with your LiU-Id. You then click on registration in the left column and make your registration for TGTU51. After you have made your registration for TGTU51 you once again click on "registration" and then "made registrations" and make sure TGTU51 is in the list for 2011HT. If it is in the list you are registered for the course and can continue to step 3, if you are unable to do this make sure step 1 was carried out properly, and if it was contact the course assistant for help.
  • 3. Wait one work day for synchronization of the systems to go through. Then go to step 4.
  • 4. Sign in to webreg. Follow the link , and find you appropriate group (your master-program). Search through the group-list, if your name is there go to step 5, otherwise add you LiU-ID in the white box and press sign up and then go to step 5.
  • 5. DONE! You have now registered in the course completely. Thank you!

How to sign up for the course

If you are not signed up for the course something has gone wrong since this should have been done for you before you came here. Mistakes do unfortunately happen and this year we know many of you are not signed up for the course although you ought to be. It is however easily fixed. You just have to sign a change of courses form and deliver it to the course assistant which will take care of the rest. Norrköping students will be allowed to send the form in a mail (with the subject: "TGTU51: Late Admission") to the course assistant. Note that this only goes for the Norrköping-students. Linköping students has to leave it by the office in paper form as normal.

  • Sign a change of courses form and fill out the fields of personal data and the "I would like to apply for the following courses" field. When writing your e-mail-adress please use your LiU-mail. In the course-field you add "TGTU51, Introduction to advanced academic studies, G2, 2011HT". Also remember to sign the document at the bottom.
  • Leave the signed change of courses form to the course assistant which will take care of the rest. Norrköping students will be allowed to send the form in a mail (with the subject: "TGTU51: Late Admission") to the course assistant. Note that this only goes for the Norrköping students. Linköping students still have to leave it by the office in paper form as normal.
  • Wait up to one weak for the administration to take place. Then go on to the registration step above.

  • 25/8  Seminar information added

    Information about the scientific writing exercises are now added to the seminars page.

    22/8  Webreg registration open

    We will use the Webreg system to keep track of students participating in the seminars and lectures. This allows us to easily add attendances and for you as students to check that your attendance is noted properly in our system. The system does however require that you sign up with your LiU-ID (which is given to you when you arrive to LiU). So please sign up as soon as possible in Webreg. The sign up process is really simple; follow the link , find you appropriate group (your master-program), add you LiU-ID in the white box, press sign up and you're done! You do however need to register for the course in LiU Student Portal one workday before you can log in in Webreg.

    21/8  Schedule up

    The schedule is now up in in the timetable tab.
    Note that the schedule can (and will) change over time, so stay updated!

    19/8  First Lecture

    The preliminary schedule is now up at TimeEdit.
    The first lecture is set to Wednesday August 31 8.15-10.00 for the students studying in Norrköping and September 1 10.15-12.00 for student studying in Linköping.
    Note that this schedule is only preliminary, changes can and will occur so stay updated and check this webpage for notices about changes!
    More info about the course and a more complete schedule will also be added shortly.

    1/8  New course

    This is a new course that will be given the fall of 2011 and more information will be added to the course page shortly. For a corresponding course given last year please visit TGTU39

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    Last updated: 2011-06-16