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TGTU51 Introduction to Advanced Academic Studies

Course information


The objective of this course is to prepare the students for advanced academic studies and also to let the students learn the academic culture in general. A primary goal is to supply essential tools to the students on the master’s level in Sweden. After the course, the students should:

  • be able to analyse their own English language strengths and weaknesses and begin to apply remedial strategies for written and spoken english
  • recognise the most important characteristics of a summary
  • use quotations and references in an appropriate manner
  • begin to apply critical feedback to their own and others' work
  • practical experience of presentation techniques
  • know how to apply the ethical code of academia in their own studies
  • have knowledge of requirements for reports and exams in their education
  • have knowledge of the basic rules and regulations for advanced studies at Swedish universities, especially at LiU.


The prerequisites for the course include a Bachelor's degree and all specific requirements for admission to the respective master's programme at LiTH.

Please make sure that you have registered for the course and that the course code "TGTU51" is visible in the Student Portal, otherwise you will not be able to sign up in Webreg (or pass the course).
To register in the Student Portal you first login as normal with your LiU-Id. You then click on registration in the left column and make your registration. After you have made your registration you once again click on "registration" and then "made registrations" and make sure that everything is correct. Note that registration and acceptance for the course are two different things. As new master students you are automatically accepted for the course, but you still have to register that you are taking it, and this could as earliest be done the 29:th of August.
You will also need to sign up in the Webreg system so we can keep track of your attendence in the lectures and seminars. This can as earliest be done one workday after you have register in the Student Portal. The sign up process is really simple; follow the link , find you appropriate group (your master-program), make sure that you are not already added by the course assistent (that your name is not in the list already). Add you LiU-ID in the white box and press sign up.


There are 5 lectures and 3 seminars in the course in HT1 and a few more in HT2. Both the seminars and lectures are OBLIGATORY. Attendence will be taken at each lecture or seminar and missing your lecture or seminar means getting a failed grade in the course. Signing up more people than yourself is also strictly forbidden and will count as cheeting. More information about the seminars is available in the seminars page.

Course results

Your results in the course will be registered in the webreg system, which is available from the course web site hosted by IDA. You will receive an e-mail from webreg as a receipt for each part of the course results when your seminar leader or the examiner updates Webreg. The results are usually entered within a week from the seminar occasion. For more information, see Seminar registration and task deadlines above. All you results will also be available in the Webreg systems result-page when results are added. It is up to you to keep track and make sure that your attendence is correct in the system. If you find an error please contact the course assistant.

Course literature

Course literature will consists of pubicshed reports and articles. These will be given to you at the lectures and seminars or in some cases linked from the webpage.

Staff and communication

The people involved in the course are listed under Staff on the menu available from the course web site.

You can use e-mail to contact teachers. The e-mail address is listed in the info-page linked from the teacherslist. Please start the subject with "TGTU51:".

Note that the staff may have separate office hours for students so do not just knock on the door if there is a sign on it stating the office hours. Please respect these hours. The student open-hours are usually posted on the door or on the teacher's web site.

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