TDTS11: Questions for Assignment 1

In addition to the general tasks A-D associated with this assignment, you are also expected to answer the following questions.
  1. Explain what a RFC is.
  2. Find a RFC for at least one protocol for each layer in the protocol stack. Please comment on differences in the protocols and how they may or may not be used together.
  3. Why is there no RFC for Skype?
  4. Find the RFCs of HTTP and DNS. Compare and contrast how caching is used with the two protocols. What does TTL refer to and how it is used in the two protocols?
  5. When can/should a proxy cache content? Please use information about the cache headers to discuss potential policies with each other. How would you implement these proxy caching rules?
  6. Please explain the following response codes: 200, 202, 304, 403.
  7. What is the most commonly observed method used by HTTP requests? How did you come to this conclusion?
  8. Give an example of an agent-field header and discuss what information it may reveal to the server.
  9. Can you give the IP address used by Please explain your answer.
These questions may require additional reading, thinking, and exploration.