Instructions for Bonus Questions in TDTS06, fall 2017

For this assignments you are expected to solve one out of five exercises.

The assignment can give up to four (4) bonus marks, with marks assigned based on the quality of the solution. The bonus marks will only be valid for the original exam after the course end.

The assignment is due on October 18, at 23:59 and should be submitted as a hardcopy (on paper) to Andrei (placed in his mailbox) by the time of the deadline. You should also send an email with a .pdf file with the report and a .zip file with any potential code/materials to Andrei. (Also, please remember to have "TDTS06" and "Bonus assignment" in the subject field.)

1. Contributing to Wikipedia

During your studies, you have probably used Wikipedia a lot to gain knowledge on networks and protocols. In this task, you are requested to make a substantial contribution to creating a new wiki page on one of the topics of the course, or significant revision of existing pages. For example, updating the wiki page on Host Identity Protocol with version 2 information.

2. Making a presentation

For this task you are requested to read one of the book chapters of the new book "A Comprehensive Guide to 5G Security" by Wiley and Sons. After reading and understanding the chapter, please make a set of about 30 slides presenting the chapter. Please use LiU Powerpoint template. Afterwards explain the slides to the lecturer. Please contact the lecturer to receive the book chapter materials.

3. Animation

Develop e.g. a Java applet, Flash or similar animation demonstrating one of the protocols studied during the course which was not already demonstrated during the lectures. Candidates: DHCP, SDN, BGP, HTTPS, etc. The animation should demonstrate some important aspect of the protocol to the students (hopefully not just a replay of protocol messages).

4. Open-source development

Demonstrate a contribution to open-source development of some software. I.e. show a code commit (more than just a couple of lines:) made during the autumn 2017. You are encouraged especially to contribute to HIPv2 development (See the web page for TDDE21 course).

5. Current Research Topic

This exercise involves both reading and some exploration/implementation/analysis. First, carefully read a full-length research paper (not posters or demos!) that has been published the last 5 years in IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking or one of the following conferences: ACM SIGCOMM, ACM SIGMETRICS, or ACM IMC. These papers are typically 12-14 pages long and can typically be accessed through the author's websites, the conference website, and/or through the ACM digital library. (The ACM digital library can be accessed for free from any computer on campus, thanks to the library; otherwise, author copies are typically easy to find by pasting the title into google, and let google do the job for you ...) Second, carefully summarize the paper and the key insights from the paper. Finally, build your own (relatively) simple simulator, mathematical model, or measurement framework to analyze/validate some smaller/specific aspect considered in the paper or to further investigate some question(s) raised in the paper. See the slides on reproducing research results.