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TDTS02 Computer Network Infrastructure

Important dates

In this course, deadlines are strict. You are exptected to be able to plan your own work so you meet the deadlines. If you are unable to meet a deadline for some good reason (bad planning is not a good reason), let me know ahead of time. If you fail to meet a deadline without an adequate reason you may be dropped from the course.

Date Description
2012-01-23 07:00     Your prioritized list of topics for self-study is due. Under no circumstances will anyone be allowed to submit their list after this time. Detailed instructions.
2012-02-13 07:00 An outline of your topic and your presentation is due. You will be required to present your topic at a seminar the following afternoon, and will receive written feedback within two days. Detailed instructions.
2012-02-22 07:00 Any revisions required to your first outline are due.
2012-03-19 07:00 A first draft of your presentation and report are due. Detailed instructions.
T-1W A final version of your presentation and report are due. Detailed instructions.

T-1W means one week before your presentation.

Failure to follow these instructions will most likely lead to failing the course. Plagiarism will be dealt with swiftly, and with no exceptions, in full accordance with the university's rules and regulations.


Name Date Topic Outline Draft Report Presentation
Matic Hajdinjak
Filippo Malvisi
2012-05-14 Optical networks OK OK
Nabil Chiguer
Mehdi Oulad Ameziane
2012-05-14 MPLS networks OK OK
Anand Kalaiarasi Ganeson 2012-05-16 MPLS networks OK OK
Hendrik Gerloff 2012-05-15 Ad-hoc networks OK OK
Baltasar Infante Fuentes
Jorge Bachs Rubio
2012-05-15 Optical networks OK OK
Asmae Bni
Assmitra Dash
2012-05-16 TBD OK OK

Important information

Read the information on the course structure as soon as possible! You need to form a study group and pick a topic during the first week of class.

Attendance: Attendance is mandatory and will be monitored.

E-mail: All e-mail to David Byers must have a subject line that starts with "TDTS02:", or it might be mis-sorted by the spam filter. You may write in english or swedish.

Dropping the class: If you decide to drop this class, you must notify David Byers as soon as possible so that necessary schedule changes can be made.

Literature: You will use a lot of material from the Internet, but you may want to buy a book or two. I strongly advise you to order books on-line from stores that specify a delivery time. I personally use Amazon UK a lot. Swedish alternatives include Adlibris and Bokus. Prices and delivery times vary a great deal from book to book, so make sure you compare several options before you order.


Lecturer: David Byers <david.byers@liu.se>
Room: Rarely in room; use e-mail
Phone: 282821
Course secretary: Madeleine Häger Dahlqvist
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