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TDTS01 Computer aided design of electronics


Notes regarding chapter 3 and more

  • Remote connections to "asmatix.ida.liu.se" could be very slow. Please come to the lab sessions, instead of working remotely.
  • Section 3.1 and 3.2 maybe replaced with the following command:
    module add prog/mentor/tdts01
    In case you faced any troubles contact the lab assistant.
  • If there is trouble launching LeonardoSpectrum, try the following cleanup procedure:
    pkill -9 -U $USER leonardo
    pkill -9 -U $USER mwrpcss
    rm -rf /home/your_user_ID/.leonardo

Lab registration

  • Please sign up for the lab through webreg.

Important dates and deadlines

  • Grouping up and registering on webreg [deadline: 27-Jan]
  • Assignment 1. Project specification and tool set experience [deadline: 13-Feb]
  • Assignment 2. Compilable design and testbench [deadline: 25-Feb]
  • Assignment 3. Synthesizable design [deadline: 07-Mar]
  • Assignment 4. Manufacturing test [deadline: 14-Mar]

Lab documents


General rules on laboration

  • Feel free to contact the lab assistant in case you have any questions or doubts.
  • Before you start with the lab, please carefully read the LABORATION RULES FOR UNDERGRADUATE COURSES.
  • Printed reports should be handed in together with the laboration covers located in print rooms.
    Please note that NO handwritten report is accepted.
  • The authors/presenters of a lab report/demonstration must be the SAME students as the registered in the sub-group in webreg. Inconsistent information leads to a failed lab report/demonstration.
  • A lab sub-group consists of AT MOST TWO students.
  • If two registered students from DIFFERENT SUB-GROUPS would like to team up in a new sub-group,
    BOTH should write to their lab assistants that they have an mutual aggreement on working together in the new sub-group.
  • Students in a sub-group should evenly distribute the workload.
    One who does not meet the minimum requirement can be failed individually, regardless how his/her lab partner works.

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