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TDDI04 Concurrent programming, Operating Systems, and Real-time Operating Systems


Written exam

The questions and instructions will be given in Swedish. Some Operating system terms, concepts and code examples may be given in English. You may write the answers in Swedish or in English.

What will come on the exam?

Naturally that is classified information until the exam starts. Refer to the reading instructions in Literature or Lecture & Lesson sections.

Upcoming exams

See the central exam date search engine for TDDI04. Do not forget to sign up in time (use "studentportalen").

Exam bonus and grading

Refer to the information in the Organization section.

Previous Exams

Similar topic exams

There are several other courses where you may find old exams. These courses share content with TDDI04. It is up to you to determine which parts are relevant for you. Listed in order of judged relevance. The TDDB68 exams are specially recommended to try out, they contain only questions that may occur on the TDDI04 exam.

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Last updated: 2012-08-10