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TDDI04 Concurrent programming, Operating Systems, and Real-time Operating Systems

Course overview

Reading instructions (keywords)

Read relevant content each week, preferably before the lecture.
Reading instructions

Lecture material VT1

Mån   16 jan  Kursintroduktion, Operativsystem
Tis   17 jan  C-programmering
Mån   23 jan  Processer, Trådar, Systemanrop
Tis   24 jan  Schemaläggning
Mån   30 jan  Minneshantering
Ons    1 feb  Siduppdelat minne
Mån    6 feb  Virtuellt minne
Mån   13 feb  Disk/Filhantering
Tis   14 feb  Disk/Filhantering

Lecture material VT2

Vecka 12      DUGGA (3 sidor, inte 7)

Mån   12 mar  Semaforen
Tis   20 mar  Lås, kritisk sektion
Tis   27 mar  Implementation

Vecka 14      PÅSK
Vecka 15      OMTENTOR

Mån   16 apr  Deadlocks
Tis   24 apr  Säkerhet

Vecka 18      SLUTSTRESS laborationer
Vecka 19      SLUTSTRESS laborationer

Vecka 20      OMTENTOR
Vecka 21      TENTA!!


Kod att synkronisera
Minneshantering (engelska) OBS! Fråga 2 ej relevant för VT1
Lösningar Minneshantering (engelska)

Lecture material

The few slides that was used on some lectures. Go to the lecture or read in the book to get the full content.

The lecture plan (that no-one missed, apparently)

  • Course intro, Why have an operationg system? OS goals.
  • Multiprogramming. Program, Process, Thread. How to share CPU between processes. Dual-mode execution. Important interrupts.
  • Several threads of execution causes unexpected results when thread switches occur at inappropriate times. Simultaneous execution on separate CPU-core lead to similar problems. Critical section. Software and hardware remedy.
  • Semaphores, Locks and conditions.
  • How to split memory between multiple applications? Which problems must be solved? Which problems occur? Relative adressing. Paging introduction.
  • Paging. New problems. Inverted pagetable. Multilevel paging. Virtual memory.
  • Virtual memory replacement algorithms. Window working set. Thrashing.
  • CPU scheduling.
  • Mars examination period.
  • Repetition.
  • Quiz (Dugga).
  • How to organize permanent storage for sharing between several processes. Directory. Free-map. Open file list. In memory file management.
  • On disk file management. Allocation algorithms. Disk scheduling. RAID.
  • Eastern holiday.
  • April re-examination period.
  • Deadlock conditions. Deadlock avoidance. Deadlock prevention. Bankers algorithm. Resource allocation graphs.
  • Real-Time systems. RMS. EDF.
  • Protection. Security. Repetition.

Lesson material

You will have to print the lesson material or any old exam problems you want to solve before the lesson.

Some solutions. Those of you that find the errors are asked to inform me so I can fix them.

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