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TDDI04 Concurrent programming, Operating Systems, and Real-time Operating Systems (6 ECTS)

Vt1-Vt2 2010

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28/4  Intressanta artiklar

Iyer, Sitaram "The Effect of Deceptive Idleness on Disk Schedulers"

Iyer, Sitaram; Druschel, Peter "Anticipatory scheduling: A disk scheduling framework to overcome deceptive idleness in synchronous I/O"

Kenneth A. Reek "Design patterns for semaphores"

Jalal Kawash "Process Synchronization with Readers and Writers Revisited"

26/1  Sidan "Organization and bonus" uppdaterad

25/1  Nyckelord du bör kunna när kursen är slut finns upplagda

12/1  Årets (2010) omgång av kursen startar Tisdag 19/1

12/1  Course language is Swedish, kursen ges på svenska.

For historical and future reasons the course webpages are still kept in english. But the course: lectures, lessons, labs, exam are given in Swedish (as far as the personnel is capable).

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