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TDDI04 Concurrent programming, Operating Systems, and Real-time Operating Systems (6 ECTS)

Vt1-Vt2 2008

Latest News...

13/5  New lab session 14/5 13-17 in SU03, SU04, SU06 (Tomorrow!!!)

7/5  Lecture 16/5 CANCELED

You should have received an email with the details.

11/4  Final lecture

Today was the "final" lecture. One more is scheduled, but it is up to you to fill it with content. Send me suggestions on mail. Do not forget to start the subject with the course code: TDDI04.
The graph used during the lecture is available on the lectures page. Remember it is only a overview, many arrows, questions and topics are missing.

1/4  Extra lab and quiz results

The extra lab session is scheduled on 24th of April, 10-12, SU12-14 (week 17). The quiz results have been updated.

29/3  The lecture on Protection and secutity is available

28/3  Quiz results are now available.

The results of quizzes can be found here. Please, contact the course assistant in case of any questions.

13/2  Lesson 3 slides are now available.

Slides for Lesson 3 are now available on lab pages.

10/2  Muddy card evaluation result

Can be found at this special page. You are welcome to send me further comments.

10/2  Request for comment regarding examination

Previous exams award about 0.5 points for each correct answer. It means that answer some general things like "a process is a running program, a kernel thread runs in the kernel and several user threads runs within one process" on a three point question about processes and threads will give you at most one point (0.5 on the first and last statement if you are lucky), altought you will probably expect at least two points.

This is the reason I want to double the points on the exam. The maximum will then be 100 points, the above 3 point question will now be a 6 point question and you get 2 points for the above answer, more in line with expectations. (Actually, the above answer does not say very much, so you may not even expect 2 points, but for the sake of the example we pretend.)

Further advantage (for me) is that I do not have to fiddle with partial point (0.5).

To still get 20% toward passing from lab bonus it must also be doubled (to 10 points max) in this situation.

How do you feel?

4/2  Course Book availability

In case anyone still did not got hold of the course book, I received word that an order of two copies of the book from amazon.co.uk was delivered after one week at a total cost of about 1100:- SEK (including shipping and handling).

4/2  Scheduling next.

The slides for next lecture will be updated during the day.

29/1  Lesson 2 slides are now available.

Slides for Lesson 2 are now available on lab pages.

27/1  Memory management next

Tomorrow we deal with memory management, needed for lab2.

18/1  Schedule UPDATE and Book OUT OF STOCK

First the schedule:

As announced on the homepage the lab on Friday is moved to Monday, and the lecture is moved to 10-12.

Upcoming activity in order:

        Friday 25/1 10-12 U6       Lecture (Processes, Threads, Context switch)
        Monday 28/1 13-15 SU12-14  Lab1 synchronization (bounded buffer)
        Monday 28/1 15-17 E324     Lecture (Memory management)


About the course book:

It is not out of print, but unfortunately COMPLETELY OUT OF STOCK. No date of availability. It has to be printed + shipped, so will probably not be available anytime soon.

You can:

If you did not get this info on email you need to manually add yourself to the email list.

18/1  Exam review for the exam that took place 9/1

Questions or a look at the solution proposal take place in my room. Drop in, or you schedule a time on email.

18/1  Planned schedule changes

Lecture 25/1 8-10 will move to 25/1 10-12
Lab 25/1 10-12 will move to 28/1 13-15
The change will be confirmed as soon as possible. Also note the order of the lecture topics are changed slightly due to the fast pace of labs.

17/1  Lesson 1 slides are now available.

Slides for Lesson 1 are now available on lab pages.

14/1  The lab pages are now up and the registration is open in WebReg!

The lab instructions are now ready. The registration is open in WebReg. Deadline for registration is on 2008-01-24. Note that you are not allowed to work alone! You are welcome to the first lab lesson on 18th of January at 8 a.m. (room P42). Note that your participation is mandatory.

12/1  Why is this course important?

Just before Christmas IDG published the article "Många kärnor - inga programmerare" (in Swedish). It summarises the current evolution away from MHz toward mulitcores. In this course you will learn (among other things) various techniques how the programmer and operating system can handle and utilize the parallelism.

9/1  Laborations

Added a section regarding laboration on the organization & examination page. Please understand that this course will require a lot of work already from first week.

8/1  Course start information


Please read the course information on those pages. It should contain most of what you need to know about the course. Visit the homepage regularily in order not to miss important information.

Klas (course leader)

7/1  Unfinished NACHOS labs? (TDDI04, TDDB63, TDDI12)

NACHOS are retired and replaced by a new lab system (Pintos)

See the transition rules for students from 2007 and earlier.

7/1  New Year!!

The web pages have been set up for VT 2008.

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Last updated: 2008-01-07