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TDDE39 Physical Interaction Design and Prototyping

Course information

Combined physical and virtual interfaces are becoming more prevalent. Physical interfaces are artefacts with embedded computing power that are connected to the internet. In this course, the student work with physical/tangible user interfaces with the goal to explore this new design space and its interaction modalities. The course is primarily a project course where the student designs a prototype with combined physical and virtual properties. The main objective is for students to develop their prototyping design skills using sensors and actuators. After the completed course the student shall be able to:

  • Design and build basic prototypes using programmable electronics,
  • Articulate the strengths and weaknesses of the future intended solution,
  • Scientifically argue for a chosen set-up for user testing of prototypes, and execute such tests,
  • Articulate the role of prototyping and user testing in design processes.

  • Domains for the prototypes include:
  • Food waste
  • Sustainability
  • Persuasive technology
  • E-health

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    Last updated: 2018-05-21