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TDDE14 Large-Scale Software Development: Contributions and Evolution (6 ECTS)

Ht1-Ht2 2017

Welcome to the course Large-scale software development - contributions and evolution. This course is the second part in a set of two courses: TDDE06: Large-scale software development - structures and processes and this one, TDDE14. Here, students are supposed to contribute directly to an open-source project, working in teams to do so.

Latest News...

28/8  Course setup

The course forums, webreg groups, and info pages are now updated for the very first edition of TDDE14 that starts this week. Welcome!

25/8  Course pages updated

The course pages are updated for the Fall 2017 initial edition. Looking forward to seeing you all Monday!

1/3  New course

The web pages are generated automatically and have in some cases a very rudimentary content.

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Last updated: 2017-05-10