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Seminar 1 (attendance and active participation is mandatory)


The purpose of the seminar is to investigate different open source project, to see how projects use different tools and how they are organized. You will also look into how you could contribute to a project.


In each team: Each group selects two open source projects (make sure each group selects unique projects) in the list below or on your own, if you do make sure the projects fulfil the following criteria:
  • Current active
  • At least 50 developers
  • At least 3000 commits
For each project write a short summary and a comparison of the two projects.


In your summary you should answered the following questions:

  • What language(s) is/are used in the project?
  • What version controll tools are used?
  • What build tools are used?
  • What type of testing and CI mechanism are used?
  • Who is the owner of the project?
  • How many active contributors?
  • Are the contributors a homogenius group (do the all come from the same company etc)? (Can anybody contribute?)
  • What are the currently working on? (bug fixes, new features)
  • Any official communication channels? (Forum, Slack, maillist)
  • Any unofficial communication channels? (irc or similar)
  • What is the recommended way of contributing to the project?
  • Would you like to contribute to this project? (elaborate on why/why not)

Based on your answers for the question compare the two projects. What do they have in common where do the differ? Do you think one is easier to contribute to if so why?

During the seminar

At the seminar you will sit down in you teams and share your findings with the other groups in your team. Compare the six/seven different projects, what do they have in common?
A random group from each team will be selected to present there analysis to the other teams.

After the seminar

On gitlab.liu.se upload your reports for each project as well as the comparison of the two projects. Youse Markdown (.md) as your format. Give the course staff access to you git-repo.

Page responsible: Anders Fröberg
Last updated: 2020-01-20