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TDDE06 Large-Scale Software Development: Structures and Processes

Alla meddelanden

2020‑01‑20  New course

Welcome to the VT20 instance of the course! Web pages are being updated.

24/1  Slides

The slides for the two letctures are avaiable on the course webpage

18/1  course start 2019

Welcome to this years course

14/3  Lecture slides

Slides for lecture 3 is now available

13/3  Seminar 2

Instructions for seminar 2 is updated

27/2  Office hours updated

Office hours has been updated

27/2  Deadline for labs

The deadline for the labs is moved to 13/4

17/1  Slides

Lecture slides for lecture 1 and 2 are available

17/1  2018

GIT-repos updated for access

9/1  2018

Updating course pages for 2018

27/3  Seminars 2 and 3

Seminars 2 and 3 are now described in more detail on the seminars page.

8/2  Lecture slides

The slides from lecture 1-3 are now available on the lectures page.

15/1  Labs

Lab 1 is now available

15/1  Lectures

The lecture schedule is now available

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