Assignment 1: Traffic patterns


By Niklas Carlsson, August 2017

Note: Before starting this assignment it is important that you carefully read the entire assignment and provide answers in the desired format (see deliverables).


Information sources


  1. How did you find the scientific references listed in this assignment?
  2. What type of "pass" (first, second, or third) of the different sources was needed to answer the questions in this assignment, including this question?
  3. How does the weekly and daily traffic pattern look in a mobile network? Please also compare and contrast the patterns with those observed in a campus network or an enterprise network; e.g., as seen in the paper:
  4. Did any of the academic sources above discuss throughput variations between locations? Discuss what impact this may have on mobile clients? (Some of you may also find it fun/interesting to look at a research paper by some (more) senior IT students from LiU, published in IEEE/IFIP WONS 2016 and found here, based on measurements with Bredbandskollen.)
  5. Did any of the academic sources discuss handovers? What is a handover and can you use the information/data in last year's assignment or any of the above papers to estimate how frequent handovers may be (on the order of magnitude) when driving through a city?
  6. In your own words, please write a short summary about one of the research papers above? Aim at a summary paragraph with 100-200 words.
  7. Now, consider the type of traces as captured by Riiser et al. (and used in assignment 2). How would you expect (based on the sources and reasoning) that the throughput may depend on (i) time of week, (ii) time of day, (iii) location relative to base stations, (iv) number of other active users, and (v) handovers? Please be brief, but motivate your answers using proper sources.
  8. For one of the Riiser et al. traces (found in assignment 2), please calculate high-level throughput statistics. In particular, please provide statistics such as (i) the average throughput, (ii) the standard deviation thereof, (iii) and plot the cumulative distribution function (CDF) of the throughput.

Deliverables: Demonstration and Report

Short report: You should write a short report that answers each question individually. The report should clearly list (in the form of summarizing bullets) all assumptions and tools that you have used. It should also summarize your results, with supporting figures and brief explanations. Finally, it is important that your answers include proper references to scientific sources (e.g., the papers listed above) that supports your answers. For formatting of references, please see the project page.

Demonstrations and reporting: Before (i) handing in a hard copy of your written report and (ii) emailing your code to the TA, it is important that you demonstrate your assignment and discuss your (already printed) report with the TA.

To assess your understanding of the lab, during the demonstration, the TA may ask similar questions as those in the report. As the assignments are done in groups of two, both members of the group will be asked to answer questions. You are expected to clearly explain and motivate your answers both verbally AND in the written report.

Additional instructions and information about the reports can be found here. Please take this chance to read the guidelines carefully.