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TDDD65 6 hp /Introduction to the Theory of Computation

Course Information

This course consists of the following two separate parts:


Theory of Computation (4hp)

  •  Coursebook
         Michael Sipser Introduction to the Theory of Computation (2nd or 3rd edition).
  •  Lectures: There will be 8 lectures.
  •  Problem solving sessions. There will be 4 problem solving sessions. The problems are announced here. They will be solved on the whiteboard by the students under the instructor supervision. You have to prepare so that you are able to solve them in the classroom.
  • Homework (1 ECTS). There will be two batches of the obligatory homework (see here)
  • Exam (3 ECTS). There will be a written exam (see here)
  • Computer tool. JFLAP from Duke University is a useful tool to experiment with automata and can be downloaded to your personal computer. 
      JFLAP  is also installed  on the student's Sun network. To use it:
       module add  prog/jflap
      Then you can call  JFLAP with command


Advanced Academic Studies (2hp)

All information about this part of the course is available here.

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