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TDDD65 6 hp /Introduction to the Theory of Computation


  • Homework. There will be two batches of the obligatory homework. The grade is pass/fail and to pass (and get your 1 ECTS) you need to pass both batches. To pass a batch of homeworks you need to make a real effort on every problem and solve more than 2/3 of the problems correctly. If you fail, you will have to wait and do the homeworks for next years course.

    Please register here as soon as possible so that we can keep track of your grades.

    We have a strict policy on collaboration: "General discussions about the homework problems is allowed (and encouraged). However, you must write up your own solutions separately. If your solution is heavily inspired by someone else's ideas, please give proper credit in your write-up to the people with whom you worked. If you consult any reference material other than the textbook, please note on your homework which sources you used for each problem. You MUST understand all the solutions in your write-up and be prepared to explain them to me!''
    • Homework1: (pdf)
      Deadline for written solutions: wed. 2017-10-04, 17:00.
      Solutions to be presented on fri. 2017-10-06, 10-12.
    • Homework2: (pdf)
      Deadline for written solutions: tue. 2017-10-10, 16:00.
      Solutions to be presented on wed. 2017-10-11, 13-15.

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