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TDDD63 Project: Finishing

Read these documents now!

  1. General project information, before you start

  2. How to complete a project

  3. Final demo, presentation, hand-in (this document)

Final Demonstrations

During the last progress report session, you will demonstrate the final version of your project. Spend some time polishing the software accordingly – this is your final chance to give a good impression! As usual, participation is mandatory for all project members.

The fact that the project is final does not mean that every milestone in the project description must be achieved – in fact we try to specify too many tasks for you to have a reasonable chance to finish them all, and/or leave projects very open-ended. Discuss your progress with your assistant continuously so that you can see if you are on the right track or if you have to do more. Aim to have all features implemented early and then "freeze" the list of features, so that you can spend a full week making sure all the features you already have are functional and polished.

If you feel that you have finished early, you can choose to make your final demonstration during the second-to-last progress report session. Earlier final demonstrations are not accepted.

Final Presentations

There will also be four special 2-hour final presentation seminars in the Visionen lecture hall in the B building. You must participate in the entire 2-hour session where your project is presented, while participation in other sessions is voluntary.

Presentations can be given in Swedish or English, whichever you prefer and feel the most comfortable with!

Before this seminar, each group will prepare around 5 presentation slides "selling" your project to a potential "client". For example: Here's what we have done, here's what is nice about it, this is why you want to use it, and so on. You should also practice giving this presentation a couple of times. Each group will have 7.5 minutes for their presentation, and this time limit is sharp. You might want to aim for 6.5 minutes to make sure your presentation will not be cut off once you're "on stage"!

Both movies and live demonstrations are allowed (and encouraged). Just remember that during most of the presentation you should be presenting. A five minute movie where you just stand beside the screen is not a good idea, for example.

We expect that almost all groups have a computer on which you can run your presentation. In this case:

  • Your computer must have a standard VGA or HDMI port!
  • Make sure in in advance that you know how to force the laptop to show a picture on the external port even if it doesn't detect a projector there. Also, be in Visionen in time and try connecting the computer to the projector during the break.
  • Be prepared at the presentation session, and have your computers "running" before you present (there are electrical outlets at every seat so you don't have to worry about losing battery power). We don't have the time to wait for a couple of minutes for a computer to boot.

If you don't have a computer available, you need to tell the senior person responsible for your project type at least one week before the presentation, and we need the actual presentation materials two days before the presentation!

Presentation slides can be made in a tool such as OpenOffice Impress or Powerpoint. Web-based presentation tools can also be used, but can obviously be problematic in case of network problems...

You cannot get a grade until you (1) demonstrate, (2) present, and (3) hand in code for approval. Missing the presentation session will delay your grade by months.

Final Hand-In

The final project code must be handed in to your project assistant by 170108. Feel free to hand in the code earlier.

Though the main focus is on writing code, you will also write a short document. The contents of this document will be specific to each of the five project types. Its length would typically be 3-6 pages. This must be handed in together with the code. As usual, either Swedish or English can be used. Further information will be given in the project-specific instructions.

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Last updated: 2016-09-26