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TDDD47 Programming Theory

Course literature and resources


Slides to the (first edition of the) textbook are available from this directory at the book's www site.
(The slides at the book's site are in dvi format, use dvips or dvipdf to produce other formats, use xdvi or YAP to view it. I used this shell script to convert them into postscript).


  • The course page at IDA.
  • A directory with slides used at the lectures.
  • Slides and compendium (with an errata) to the lecture on lambda-calculus.
  • Solutions to problems from the problem solving tutorials:
    • Tutorial 1 on NS.
    • Tutorial 3 on DS with a small bug. In the last point of 5.53, in the first chain of equalities, where cond is first introduced, there should be no "while" inside the syntactic brackets, just S. In the next step, FIX is correctly rewriten to "while".
  • "Viewpoint: the real reason why software engineers need math", by K. Devlin. Comm.ACM, vol.44, no.10, 2001.
  • Some older stuff.
    • Slides and notes to the the lectures on axiomatic semantics, from the previous time the course has been given.
    • A directory with some old slides used in previous years.