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TDDD34 Programming with Applications in Engineering


Computer Introduction

If you check the course syllabus (link in menu) you will see that two credits belong to "computer introduction". One credit of the two consist of STONE. You complete STONE on your own. The other credit consist of writing a paper on how different kind of data are represented in a computer, outlining advantages and drawbacks of different representations. You complete this with one friend.

The assignment. Run the commands and answer the 43 questions (ranging from trivial to tricky). You can either print the document and fill it in, or read online and fill in question numbers and answer on a separate page.
The last paragraph in the intro assignment can be disregarded. It speaks of lab assignment 3.12 which does not exist anymore.
A student has reported a problem with the command

in the 2010 version of MatLab. The command works fine on the 2009 version, which we are running on our computers at IDA. Keep this in mind if you are doing work on your own computer.

See the timetable for the the deadline for this assignment. The assignment is handed in on paper to Erik Nilsson. Be sure to write your name and LiU-ID on the first page. Staple the papers together and put them in the holder marked "TDDD34 Intro Assignments IN" at the location shown by the map below.

The assignments will be returned during the first week of the second period. You must pick up your assignment personally to pass, regardless of your score. Check the timetable for times when you can come to retrieve your assignment. If you and a your lab mate handed in the assignment together you must both be present. If you have made too many errors on the assignment, you must correct your mistakes and hand it in again..

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