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TDDD34 Programming with Applications in Engineering

Lab demonstation

Your lab results will be put into the LUPP system at the lab results page.

Most of the labs are big and have many assignments. It is inconvenient for and for you to demonstrate them all at once. At the lab results page, the lab assignments have been grouped into convenient sets. When doing the labs, you must demonstrate the assignments in these sets together. The sets are as follows (ass. is an abbreviation of ASSIGNMENT, nothing else):

  1. Lab 0 (the entire lab)
  2. Lab 1 (the entire lab)
  3. Lab 2, ass. 1 to 4
  4. Lab 2, ass. 5 to 7
  5. Lab 3, ass. 1 to 3
  6. Lab 3, ass. 4
  7. Lab 3, ass. 5 to 6
  8. Lab 4, ass. 1 to 3
  9. Lab 4, ass. 4 to 5
  10. Lab 4, ass. 6
  11. lab 5, ass. 1 to 6
  12. lab 5, ass. 7 to 9
  13. lab 5, ass. 10
  14. lab 6, ass. 1 to 2
  15. lab 6, ass. 3
  16. lab 6, ass. 4
  17. lab 6, ass. 5 to 6
In addition to these there is also one entry for each lab which denotes when that entire lab has been completed.

How should I demonstrate my laboration?

When you have completed your lab and verified it is correct on all possible inputs, follow all requirements set in the assignment and follow common engineering sense you are ready to demonstrate. Wait for your supervisor to be free (on lab time!) and then tell him/her you want to demonstrate. You may preferrably demonstrate several of the steps in one lab at once, but do not pile up too many, and demonstrate before deadline. Make sure to verify your solution careful with any conceivable input, and be prepared to answer questions. You may not demonstrate solutions on your own computers. If your assistant asks you to send in your code, you must send in all code requested. Please do not compress code in tar, rar or zip archives. Attatch all files to emails directly.

Handing in lab solutions on paper

Sometimes your supervisor will be loaded with work, and it may happen he/she do not have time for your demonstration during lab time. In those cases you may be asked to hand in on paper. Then, and only then (when asked to), hand in on paper by following the instructions below.

Printing the source code

Then print your solution with the command a2ps.

/student/bin/a2ps your_lab_solution.cc


a2ps your_lab_solution.cc | lp

The two options above are comparable. Use either. (NB! This information is not updated for the new print-out system.)

Send email copy

When you have printed the file and it looks good, compose an email to your supervisor. The title line must contain, in order: Course code, lab number. For example:

TDDD34 labX report

The message body must be empty. Attach all relevant source files (*.m). Do not pack files and do not send in other files (unless needed by your solution). Any comments to the supervisor should be put in the source code.

Laboration report "wrapper" sheet

In the printer rooms you can find laboration report "wrapper" sheets where you can fill in course, date, lab etc. Look in the first floor printer room if you do not find any upstairs. You must use them.

Fill in your information

The final step is to fill in your and your friends login id, the lab number and name, todays date and finally both of you should sign the report. Use the corresponding fields on the wrapper sheet.

Hand in to supervisors

In the corridor between SU11 and SU12 you can find a shelf with a lot of post boxes. Find the box for your supervisor/TDDD34, and put your report there.

Page responsible: Erik Nilsson
Last updated: 2012-09-04