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TDDD34 Programming with Applications in Engineering


There are many Matlab books "out there". But most are geared toward using Matlab as what it is: A powerful tool for calculations of various kind. There are much fewer books teaching programming, using Matlab as the "language".

The course book selected below is not a perfect match to the course layout. The course will only touch some parts of the book, and not in the same order. The Matlab commands we will use in the course are described in the material section (menu to left). The book are intended as a extra reference for you, it may be hard to grasp everything on the lectures. You will further be allowed the book on the exam.

Main course book

Engineering Computation with MATLAB by David Smith (480 pages)
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ISBN-10: 0321481089, ISBN-13: 978-0321481085

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Last updated: 2012-08-07