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TDDD34 Programming with Applications in Engineering



If you intend to follow this course, the very first thing you should do is to make sure you are registered to it. You will not get access to the computers until you are!. You should be familiar with those information pages about registration and LiU-ID. If something is not clear, talk to your study counsellor about the procedure. The examiner or course leader can not do the registration for you.

Once you have you LiU-ID you can log on to the Student Portal ("Studentportalen"). Get familiar with it. There you can see your program and course registrations (and more). If this course neither appear in "my registrations" nor can be selected as optional for your for your programme you must fill in a complementary course selection form (change of courses) to get registered (sv: komplettering av kursval). Refer to the information given at the orientation day or ask your study counsellor. The form should be handed in to "Studerandeexpeditionen" to be processed. After a few days (talk to the people at "Studerandeexpeditionen") you can get it back and hand it to your study counsellor. (Optionally you can follow the instructions on "Director of studies" door. Current director of studies are found in the "Contact" section.) The following links may be of help:

It may feel like a lot of administration for you at first, but once you are in the system it will get smoother. Get you LiU-ID fast.


The course run over both autumn study periods with a computer examination at the end. The course start with a "soft" (if you know UNIX) week of STONE. Then the fun but demanding programming starts with lecture followed by lesson followed by one or more lab sessions, next lecture next lesson and so on. In December there will be a computer exam, more information on this is given on the computer exam page pages.

Lab environment

During the labs you will use one of the computer systems available at the Department of Computer and Information Science. The particular system we use is a SunRay thin client system (learn more in the STONE material). It is an UNIX environment running Solaris 10. The computer rooms are called SUN-PUL, with eight SunRays in each.

If you have a computer of your own you can install Matlab on it as well. This enables you to work on the lab assignments at home. Software with a student license can be downloaded form the Student portal, check first if it is available there. If not you have to search the internet for freeware or open source tools available for your operating system.


Most of the course content will only be presented orally during lectures, lessons and laborations. It is thus very important to participate and to ask questions (lectures), suggest solutions (lessons) and practice (labs) in order to get maximum benefit from the activities. If you do not attend, you will most likely fail.

Programming is demanding, not something you learn in a coffee break. Ultimately it is your responsibility to learn the course contents and complete the labs. To pass the course you ARE required to demonstrate each and every lab, and to pass the final examination. If you are present and active on activities you will be considerably better prepared for the exam. You will also have the chance to ask questions that may result in discussions and experience you would have otherwise missed.

Emails to You

If we send mails to you personally we send it to you student mail account ("your login"@student.liu.se). Mass mail to all course members is sent to "course_code-term"@student.liu.se. You can administer which lists you are on in the "Student Portal" (link above). If you are not registered to the course you will not get any mail. You may find additional information about student mail and mailing lists at the IT-service and support pages. All problems and questions regarding email should be directed to helpdesk in the Zenit building.

Printing course material, lab reports or papers

It is no longer possible to print "for free". From autumn 2010 a new print system is utilized. Please refer to the information at the support pages. The page with quick-guides seems to be in Swedish at first glance, but they are in English versions too, look for a united-kingdom flag on the small picture at each guide.


The examination consist of three parts (refer to the syllabus). Refer to respective section for more information. Course grade are based on the computer exam.

Intro + STONE2 hp(Pass/Fail)
Computer labs3 hp(Pass/Fail)
Computer exam 1 hp(Fail/3/4/5)

As each hp correspond to about 30 hours and the course run approximately September to December (120 days) you need to spend 2 hours on the course each day.

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Last updated: 2012-08-07