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TDDD34 Programming with Applications in Engineering

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

I did not complete the labs last year, what should I do?
Complete and demonstrate the labs according to the lab assignments and deadlines THIS YEAR. Note that some labs may have changed. It is up to you to make sure you have completed everything. We have record of your results from last year, so you can continue where you left off (but repeat things you've forgotten). You also need a term-registration for the course. When all labs are approved and it is time for us to report the study credits this is essential. We are not entitled to grade work unless you are registered. Try to re-register in the student portal, or talk to your study counsellor.
Can I get an assignment instead of the computer exam?
Then you have to fulfill the following requirements:
  1. You have to be at least 90 years old.
  2. You have to hand in a written application signed by your parents.
There will be NO exceptions whatsoever to the above rule.
On the exam I think there was a mistake with the correction of my solution. Can you look at it again?
Yes. I can.
I have this personal problem ..., Can you consider me as a special case for grade 3?
What if I don't get bonus time for labs?
  • You will not get your lab corrected as fast.
  • You will fall behind and have harder time understanding coming topics
  • You will have difficulty getting grade 4 or 5 on the exam
After the expiration of bonus time for lab the assistants will prioritize demonstrations of the next lab. You may have to wait until the end of the hour to demonstrate your code if it's a lab which should have been done two weeks ago.
Can I get extended deadline because <insert your reason here>?
No. It involves to much work to administer deadline extensions for every second student. Use our time to learn more instead of requesting personal benefits. If your delay is due to faults on our side (illness, schedule changes...) we will adjust deadlines without you asking.
I could not attend lab N, can I demonstrate later?

As long as you and your friend keep all deadlines you are free to schedule your work however you like. You need to use a lot of your free time anyway to complete in time, especially when the labs get more challenging. Scheduled lab time are firsthand for demonstration of your solution, questions on parts you do not understand, and errors in you solution you can not solve after countless hours of trying.

When planning your time, remember to take into account you may have to do several demonstrations before passing, unless you are not very careful about following the instructions and common engineering sense. In general a good planning solves the assignments to 80% the day(s) before the scheduled lab, and the use the scheduled time to finish and start the next lab while waiting for a chance to demonstrate the previous.

Also remember that demonstrations can only be made during scheduled time when an assistant is present and available. Demonstrate early to avoid missing the deadline because of a too busy assistant.

How can I select this course?
Register for the course in student portal or fill in the "Change of courses" form, get the signature from Director of Studies, and hand in to your study coordinator.
I need your signature on my "Change of courses" form. Can I get it?
No, you do not need my signature. You need the signature from the Director of Studies. Read the Important section. Hand your form to "studerandeexpeditionen".
I can not log on to the computers. What should I do?

You have to be registered to at least one IDA-course to be able to log on. Register to the course at once:

Option 1.

  • Register for the course in student portal.
  • You can log on the next day.

Option 2. (If option 1 is not available.)

  • Fill in the form "Change of Courses".
  • Hand in to "Studerandeexpeditionen" in E-building.
  • They will pass the form to the director of studies (+1 day).
  • He/She will check the information, sign and pass back (+1 day).
  • Fetch form from "Studerandeexpeditionen" in E-building.
  • Hand in to your study coordinator.
  • He/She will verify you can attend and hand on to registration office (+1 day).
  • Registration office will enter your details in computer system (+1 day).
  • The computer system will distribute your registration to IDA over night (+1 day).
  • Now you can log on.

N.B. It is a lengthy process. You will have to allow at least one work day on each step. (It may be possible to speed up by leaving your form directly at director of studies office. The rules on his door, if any, apply at all times.)

I have locked my STONE quiz, what should I do?
Ask for assistance during scheduled time or try to find one of the assistants. You can also E-mail one of the assistants with the following information:
  • Which quiz that failed.
  • All questions asked in that quiz.
  • A detailed step by step description (walkthrough) of how to determine and verify the correct answer to each question in that quiz.
Mails not fulfilling the above will be silently ignored.
I did not receive my STONE account and password. Can I get it?
If you are registered to the course you shall enter your username on the stone login page to get account/password. If not you have to register first. Registration is done in Zenit and issues are solved with your study counselor.
Send the STONE supervisor an empty mail from your student email account. It must have the subject line "TDDD34 STONE account request". You will get your login information when it suits us. Expect a delay of 10 working days. Log on to the reference to read up and practice while you wait. Mails not fulfilling this will be silently ignored.
I arrived late and missed a lot, what should I do?
Catch up!
Read the timetable and course homepage to find out what you missed. You must catch up on your own. Course personnel have no time to give a special lecture just for you. In general: If you have missed 1 or 2 weeks, you have to do STONE and start with the MatLab intro assignment. If you have missed 3 weeks you must also do lab 0 and lab 1. If you have missed 4 or 5 weeks you must also do lab 2. If you have missed more than that, you must do labs 0,1,2,3, STONE and the intro assignment but you will have so little time left that you really should consider retaking the course next year instead.
Do I need to buy the book?
I do not know. Do I need a French dictionary? However, since you ask, Yes. If you are not sure of your knowledge and skill, you probably need a book to support your learning.
What is obligatory to attend?
If you want to learn enough to PASS, Everything.
If you want to FAIL, Nothing.
Think. Think. Think.
Can you learn it on your own, or from a friend? ("learn" is distinctly different from "copy") Your studies here are your own responsibility, you have to do all the difficult choices.
Can I do the labs at home?
See answer to "Can I use my own computer?".
Can I use my own computer?
If you have the skill and knowledge to set it up without help. Course personnel do not have time to support issues appearing on personal computers. We only support the lab computers. You may not demonstrate solutions on your own computers.

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Last updated: 2012-08-07