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TDDD34 Programming with Applications in Engineering

Allowed Aids

Allowed aids

You are allowed to use any of the following items during the exam:

  • One Book, it may be the 5000 page Matlab bible or any other book you choose. If it is your book, you may have minor notes in it. It must be a real "hardcopy" book. Printed/copied books are not allowed. Neither are electronic books, since no electronic devices whatsoever is allowed (except the computer environment we provide.)
  • Dictionary to/from your native language. Again it shall be a real hardcopy book.
  • One A4 page of own notes (computer or hand written), with your signature. You may use any font and both sides of the paper (front and back).
  • Pen/eraser/ruler for any notes, figures, drawings or measurements you may find useful to explore solution ideas. The invigilators can supply empty papers for you to use.

You are specifically NOT allowed any of the following items during the exam:

  • Electronic devices. No phones, calculators, translators, e-books etc.
  • Papers with notes (except the allowed one page).

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Last updated: 2012-08-27