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TDDD31 Software Engineering with International Partners


For the seminars you will work in groups (4-5 students). The same group members will work on the same project as well. Before each seminar you need to read the chapers specified and then write a short report (2 A4 pages). A reading list is given below:

  • The report is handed in during the seminar
  • During the seminars you can discuss the issues related to your project with your assistant.
  • The quality of report sent in before each seminar, the active participation during the seminars and the quality of the group presentation will influence the final grade of your group.

  • Reading List

    Seminar 1

    Chapter 1: Global Leaders and Culture, pages 2-36 in the course book.

    Seminar 2

    Chapter 2: Global Leaders and Communications, pages 37-71 in the course book.

    Seminar 3

    Trompenaars theory (model of culture and its seven dimensions) Hofstede's theory (cultural dimensions)

    Seminar 4

    Chapter 4: Global Leaders Learning from Change, pages 97-126

    Chapter 5: Transcending Culture: Women Leaders in Global Business , pages 127-155

    Seminar 5

    Chapter 6: Motivating the global Workforce: The Case for Diversity and Inclusion, pages 156-181

    Chapter 7: Effective Performance in the Global Market, pages 182-204

    Seminar 6

    Chapter 8: Managing Global Transitions and Relocations, pages 205-231

    Chapter 9: Leadership in Creating Cultural Synergy, 232-250

    Seminar 7

    Poster presentation