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TDDD30 Advanced Software Engineering


Seminar plan (2018)



  1. Demonstrate that you are able to go through an advanced article deeply and with a critical eye. OR Demonstrate that you can design and run a pilot of a software engineering experiment.
  2. Demonstrate that you can present such material at a level where your audience can understand most of the results.

Time frame

Each group gets 30 minutes for presentation. We add 10 minutes for questions, feed-back, and discussion.


Date: 2018-12-17. (The occasion 2018-12-19 will not be used)

Please note that presence is mandatory for all students during the entire seminar; you shall listen to all presentations.

Start Stop
Group 1 13:15 13:55
Group 2 13:55 14:35
Group 3 14:35 15:15
Group 4 15:30 16:10
Group 5 16:10 16:50