Muddy card evaluation

Date: 2012-02-13

Number of cards: 12

Positive things:

Negative things:

Suggestions for improvement:

Examiner's comments:

I am not especially surprised over the muddy-card answers. The goal of the course is to be research oriented providing both breadth and depth. So we need an overview and some drill-down into things we find interesting. I had hoped that the 2010 version of SWEBOK would be finished this year (2012), hopefully with a bit better readability. Still I think that the 2004 version is relevant, and with good prerequisites you should know many of the concepts already, but I agree it is not optimal. I have answered several questions about the course and exams from several students. Don’t hesitate to ask more. I’ve also added more old exams to the homepage, which I hope will give you an idea about the exam.

I hope to see many of you at the seminars that you will give to each other.