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TDDD29 IT-Project Management (6 ECTS)

VT2 2018

Welcome to the IT Project Management Course. It was a long journey but you are finally here. You started as a programmer and have learned all the tricks and tips on how to write nice applications. You are now mastering well several programming languages and programming techniques, you know everything about operating systems, you are very strong in algorithms and you are genuinely interested in anything that is new and has something to do with the new technology. Now you are part of the management team: you will need to initiate, plan, execute, manage resources, take decisions, motivate people and envision a project from start to finish. Oh, by the way, I almost forgot: all this need to be done within budget and time. Sound very hard, isn’t it? Well it is hard; nobody said that it will be easy. But don’t worry; we will go through this together. Give me your time and attention this term and I will guide you through the complicated labyrinth of IT project management from a pragmatic entrepreneurship perspective.

Latest News...

2018‑04‑17  Lecture 3

Lecture is cancelled and will be moved to later date (Week 18).

2018‑04‑13  Seminar 3

Seminar 3 is on Monday April 16. There was a typo in the schedule on the course homepage (not in Timedit).

2018‑04‑06  New date for Seminar 2

Unfortunately, Seminar 2 is moved to Friday April 13 at 13.15, Room T27.

2018‑03‑19  Course homepage is updated.

Welcome to the course!


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