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TDDD26 Development of Interactive Systems (User-centered Agile System Development)


Lecture/Exercise Content Readings Slides

Lecture: Introduction and Agile methods

Introduction to the course and an overview of Agile methods. Introduction to XP and SCRUM.
  • Extreme Programming Pocket gudie, by Chromatic, PART 1, 3, 4
  • Scrum in 5 minutes, pdf
Courseintro.pdf, Agile.pdf, XP.pdf, Scrum.pdf

Lecture: Extreme programming

Exercise: Extreme hour

This will be a combination of lecture and exercise:
More details on Extreme programming: practices, user stories, testing, roles.
"Extreme hour" exercise.
  • Extreme Programming Pocket gudie, by Chromatic, PART 2-6
Extreme hour exercise description

Introduction to project work

Introduction to the project work. Presentation of project groups. Project.pdf

Lecture: User-centered design

Project work: Design workshop

Introduction to User-cetnered design and Particiaptory design. Tools and techniques that can be used. Usability work/Interaction design in agile system development.
Project groups work on preparing design workshop.
  • Chris Nodder & Jacob Nielsen. Agile Usability. Best practices for user experience on agile development projects.pdf
    Username and password will be distributed by e-mail to course pariticipants
  • Markus Rittenbruch, Gregor McEwan, Nigel Ward, Tim Mansfield, Dominik Bartenstein. Extreme Participation - Moving Extreme Programming Towards Participatory Design. In: Proceedings of the Seventh Biennial Participatory Design Conference, June 2002.pdf
  • Armitage, J. 2004. Are agile methods good for design?. interactions 11, 1 (Jan. 2004), 14-23. pdf
  • Patton, J. 2002. Hitting the target: adding interaction design to agile software development. In OOPSLA 2002 Practitioners Reports (Seattle, Washington, November 04 - 08, 2002). pdf
  • McInerney, P. and Maurer, F. 2005. UCD in agile projects: dream team or odd couple?. interactions 12, 6 (Nov. 2005). pdf

Lecture: Extreme programming

Project work: Planning

More details on planning and acceptance tests. Tools and techniques that can be used. Project groups work on preparing planning game. Planning.pdf

Lecture: Usability testing

Project work: Usability testing

Introduction to usability testing. Tools and techniques that can be used.
Project groups work on preparing usability testing.

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