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TDDD26 Development of Interactive Systems (User-centered Agile System Development)

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Each group serve as both customers and users to another group's system and developers of their own system. This means that all participants have at least two roles in the project group. One is as Customer or User of another group's systems. One or more roles are related to development of their own system.

In the group you divide the participants so that 2-3 persons are Customers and the rest are Users. To be a customer is a rather time consuming task, to be a user is a minor task.
Customers shall:
  • Be engaged in the specification and design of the system
  • Participate in activities organised by the Interaction designers
  • Participate in planning games and write user stories
  • Write acceptance tests for the user stories
  • At least one person should be available for the developers with short notice and participate in at least one coding session as on-site-customer
Users shall:
  • Participate in at least two usability tests organised by the Interaction designers
In the group you divide the participants so that 2-3 persons are Interaction designers and the rest are Developers. One person can also be designated as project leader/scrum master/etc in addition to having another role (which will be smaller than the others).
Interaction designers shall:
  • Organise a design workshop with the customers
  • Do design activities, such as, creating personas, designing LoFi prototypes, usability testing with customers using the LoFi prototypes...
  • Assist customers in writing user stories and acceptance tests
  • Plan and execute two usability test with the users at the end of each iteration
Developers shall:
  • Plan and execute two planning games. The first includes both release planning and iterationplanning, the second just iteration planning.
  • Implement a working prototype during each iteration, using several XP practices
  • Perform acceptance testing with customers at the end of each iteration
Project leader/Scrum master
This role is optional in the project group. The group decides if they want to have this role and what the responsibilities are for this role. This should however not be a full time role, but should complement one of the other roles.

Project ideas

The task for the project work is to develop a new concept for a webbased system or service. The developed prototype should be inovative and offer new types of functionality. The themes are:
  • Charity and voluntary work. This can for example be a system/service that assist charitable orgnaisation or voluntary work.
  • Education. System and services to be used for education or training for children, adults or elders.
  • Accessability. This can be an adaptation of an existing, or a new, system or service that makes it accessable for new user groups, for example people with disabilities.

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