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Labs: General information


Signing up for labs

Sign up for labs through the WebReg system: TDDD24 here and TDDI15 here. You will work in pairs in this course, due to logistical constraints. To find a suitable lab partner, choose a lab group where there is a slot available and sign up there. The group you sign up in determines which assistant will correct your labs. However, you may ask all assistants for help during the labs. Make sure that you are registered for this course before you begin the lab series. When you sign up for a lab group, you must be registered for the course.

Choosing computing environment

If you choose to solve the labs using an environment other than the ones used in the computer rooms you use in this course, you have to make sure that your assistant can view your solution properly, which you will have to arrange individually. This goes for people who choose to set up their own environments at home for doing the labs. Make sure that your assistant can inspect your solution if you do not use the recommended environments.


See the examination page for instructions about examination of these labs.


Old Labs 2012/2013

The old 2012/2013 labs remain available for previous students. Previous students have the choice of completing their remaining old labs or starting from the beginning with the new labs.

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