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TDDD16 Compilers and Interpreters


The course has the following examination moments:
  • LAB1 - Laboration - 2 ECTS
  • TEN1 - Written exam - 4 ECTS

Written exam

The questions will be given in English.
General instructions will be given in both English and Swedish.
You may write the answers in Swedish or in English.

Allowed aids in the written exam

  • dictionary between English and your native language
  • pocket calculator
No books, no notes, no papers.

Do not forget course registration!

We are not entitled to correct exams and report results for students who are not registered on the course.
If you forgot to register, please follow the studierektor's instructions for late registration.

Dates for next written exam

See the central exam date search engine for TDDD16 and TDDB44.
The time and date should be identical, but please register for the exam under the right course code.

Old Exams

See the TDDB44 examination page for a selection of some old exams.

Remark: Bootstrapping, rehosting and T-diagrams (which occur in several old exams) are no longer part of the course contents and will not be asked in the exam.

Page responsible: Kristian Stavaker
Last updated: 2008-10-14