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TDDD16 Compilers and Interpreters


Examiner and course leader 2008, 2009, 2010

Peter Fritzson, e-mail peter.fritzon \at liu.se

Examiner and course leader 2007

Christoph Kessler, e-mail christoph.kessler \at liu.se

Course and lab assistant

Kristian Stavåker, e-mail kristian.stavaker \at liu.se

(Course and lab assistant 2009)

Erik Hansson, e-mail erik.hansson \at liu.se

Course secretary

Gunilla Mellheden, e-mail gunilla.mellheden \at liu.se

Director of undergraduate studies

Patrick Lambrix, e-mail sas-sr \at ida.liu.se

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Last updated: 2010-10-31