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TDDD10 AI Programming

The Simulator Environment

Install instructions


On Windows, you will need to download bash:

  • Recommended: MSYS, you can download an installer, and you just need to select bash
  • If you already have Cygwin, you can use the bash provided by Cygwin
Mac OS X and linux usually comes with bash installed by default.

For all systems, you will need to install Java, the recommended version is Java 7, but it should work with Java 8 as well. It does not work with non-official Java version. You can download java from its official website: download link to Java 7.

Once you have installed java, you can download the RoboRescue simulator. Then download the modified boot scripts and copy them to the Rescue2013/boot directory.

You should now be able to run the simulator with:

cd Rescue2013/boot
./start.sh -m somemap/map -c somemap/config --noxterm

On Linux (and on Mac OSX if you have a running X11), the option --noxterm is not necesserary.

Download links

Page responsible: Cyrille Berger
Last updated: 2016-09-22