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TDDD10 AI Programming

The Team Project Assignment


Team assignment

Each group should complete the Team Assignment. The purpose of the assignment is to learn how to design and implement a multiagent system, in this case a RoboRescue team.

Individual assignment

The purpose of the assignment is to study one or more AI techniques in detail including evaluating their suitable in a particular multiagent system, in this case the performance of a RoboRescue team. This assignment is individual and should be done by each member in the group separately.

The work should be a subpart of the team assignment and intented to be integrated in your RoboRescue agents.

Detailed instructions

Read carefully the detailed instructions.

Read carefully the reports guidelines.


There are three presentations, two in group and one individual:
  • November, 30th (not final): presentation of your individual work, starting with a presentation of the problem you are trying to solve, the algorithm you are implementing to solve that problem and hopefully some early results.
  • December, 16th (not final): presentation of your team. What strategy you are using what have been successful and what has not been.


  • October 30th: individual assignment plan
  • December 16th: individual and team report draft
  • December 21th: feedback deadline
  • January 6th: final version of the reports


A competition will be run (at least on a weekly basis, maybe daily), using the following maps:
  • Kobe: normal communication
  • Berlin: no communication (except voice)
  • Paris: large map with unreliabe communication