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TDDD05 Component-Based Software


During the course, we will meet for grand seminars (storseminarium) where material in the course is discussed. Attendance at these seminars is mandatory.

Deadline for registration for seminars in WebReg is 26 March, 2018. Seminar assignements will be completed in groups of 2, please use the same groups as for the labs. More detailed desciptions of assignements, submission instructions can be found on Moodle.

The format for each grand seminar is that you prepare by reading papers and iteratively write a paper on a selected technique related to component-based software, as well as do computer assignments that prepare you for the seminars. The first part of each seminar will consist of you meeting in groups and discussing the issues of each seminar, where you get a chance to present your work and discuss with others. The last part of the seminar will consist of us, jointly, discussing material in depth depending on your questions.
Seminar 1: Done in your groups. Choose a paper from the list on the link below. You will read this paper plus an additional relevant paper to further your understanding of the topic either from the course literature or from a published source of your choice. This topic should be related to the topic you want to tackle in Lab 3.Hand-in: summary of a papers that you have read.

This will serve as a backgroud work for the state of the art section of your final paper. Reading list & Instructions Seminar 1

Seminar 2: Technical seminar. You will review and present the technology(ies) that you have chosen to use in the labs. A one page report presenting the chosen technology with links to references, tutorials and technology websites. This report will become the basis of the methodology section of your final paper.

Seminar 3: Review of the first version of your final paper, with the background section to your chosen technology area described. Your report must be formatted according to the IEEE conference manuscript template. We use the Moodle Workshop as part of the preparations for the seminar. You review 3 other papers with the same general topic as you have chosen. Hand-in: a first draft of your report. + The reviews.

Seminar 4: In this seminar we will select a quality criteria to evaluate the technology you are investigating for your paper and discuss how it can be applied and how relevant it is.

Seminar 5: Presentation of the final paper & lab work. The format of these seminars will be defined once the number of groups is finalized.


The figure below given an overview of the course workflow and the relationship between labs and seminars. For seminar dates and times and submission dates check the timetable.


The grading of your reports will be based on specific grading criteria.

All reports must conform to the IEEE conference proceedings template. Tutorials may be written in other formats.

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