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TDDD05 Component-Based Software

Mid-term evaluation 2013

The course was mid-term-evaluated by the muddy card method on friday 26/4/2013 15-17 before the break in the seventh lecture (JavaBeans). 6 students attended the lecture, and I received 6 cards.

Below I summarize the feedback and comment on selected issues.

Contents / General

  • interesting (2), useful,
    making a component system work is rather satisfying.


  • Good lectures
  • Slides are very complete and useful.
  • Show less code in the slides.
    Too much focus on code instead of the practical application of the tools.
  • Much variation in difficulty across slides (here, JavaBeans).
  • Too much text on the [JavaBeans] slides.
  • Too fast lecturing makes it boring


  • Lab 2 instructions seem to miss some steps. Try to get labs a bit earlier in the course.
  • Practical details about Lab 2 are confusing. Hard to find documentation and tutorials that match what we do in Lab 2.

Web page and course literature

  • Would like to have solutions to exams on the course web page.


By and large, the course seems to run well.
Unfortunately only few students attended this lecture (maybe I should not have evaluated on a friday late afternoon with nice weather and a student party going on in front of the building), hence the statistical basis is insufficient to draw any major conclusions. Nevertheless, here are some comments:

Lab 2 depends on Lesson 2 and that comes only in a week, so please be patient. I expect that lesson 2 will provide the missing explanations in the instructions (please ask the assistant if necessary). I hope that, whoever now will take over this course after me next year, lab2 can be scheduled earlier next year as there might be fewer scheduling constraints

I give intentionally no solutions to example exams. When I did this earlier in this course I received way too many verbatim identical answers on similar (and also on not at all so similar) questions asked in later exams. The purpose of the exam is that you show me how well you understand the concepts, not how well you can learn preformulated text by heart.

Whenever I am proceeding/talking too fast in the lectures: PLEASE raise your hands, let me know, and ask questions! Let me know what exactly you experience as difficult and where I should explain things better or once more.

Thanks a lot for your comments!

Christoph Kessler

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Last updated: 2013-04-29