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TDDD05 Component Based Software

Lab 1: Java Reflection

In this lab you will learn the basics of Java Reflection and Java Generics.

Reflection and generics are not concepts limited to the Java programming language.

The goal of this lab is to learn their use by using them in a particular programming language(Java).


  • To complete the lab you need J2SE 5 or later. If you are working on an IDA machine, you should already have Java runtime 7 or later.
  • To check the Java version, open a terminal and type : java -version
  • To list modules loaded : module list
  • To list Java modules available : module avail prog/jdk
  • To add Java module 8 : module add prog/jdk/8


Part1: Instructions
Part2: Instructions

Source code


Demo guidelines

The lab demos will be a discussion between the lab assisstant and each group.

For lab 1 demo each group will present to the lab assistant:

  • the answers to the questions for part 1
  • the code for part 2 + explanations
  • answers to extra questions that the lab assistant might have

The seminar assignments have hard deadlines.

The deadline for lab 1 is set as a guideline, but it is strongly recommended to be met in order to keep on track with the seminars.

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