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TDDD05 Component-Based Software

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March 02, 2018  Course page update

Course pages for labs and seminars are being updated. The timetable is now up to date. Registration for UPG2 and UPG3 in WebReg is open.

March 24, 2017  Course page update

Course pages for labs and seminars have been updated. The timetable is now up to date. Registration for UPG2 and UPG3 in WebReg is open.

May 13, 2015  Final seminar

For some reason, I miscalculated the number of seminars in the course in my previous edition of the workflow chart. As described at the beginning of the course, there will be a sixth, final seminar with presentations of some of papers written during the course, and the seminar page has been updated with this information as well.

May 7, 2015  Workflow presented

Some of you had difficulties understanding the requirements for the tasks during the course. I have added a workflow chart on the seminar page to help with this.

March 27, 2015  Lecture slides from the Model-based Development lecture online

The lectures page has been updated with information on yesterday's lecture on Model-Based Development.

March 26, 2015  TimeEdit link updated

The timetable has been updated with the correct link to the TimeEdit schedule.

March 25, 2015  Clarifications on grading and update on advanced topic classification

I made a clarification on the exam page as to how the grading will depend on the criteria of the reports that you write. Also, Service-Oriented Architectures may be considered an advanced topic as well, considering the tutorial contents in lab 2.

March 24, 2015  Course start!

Welcome everyone! The 2015 edition of TDDD05 starts this week and there are revised descriptions of the lab series, as well as descriptions of the assignments required to pass the course.

Feb 4, 2015  Course web being updated

New information is now added to reflect changes in the examination of the course.

Nov 17, 2014  Course revision

The course is currently being updated pending the new edition in the second half of spring 2015. The information on these pages will be updated continuously.

Nov 3, 2014  Exam graded

The exam Oct 23 has now been graded and you may review the results Nov 5 12:15-12:45 in my office. The exam has been posted on the exam page. Solutions to the exam come from the seminars of the course.

June 25, 2014  Exam graded

The exam June 5 has now been graded and you may review the results June 27 12-13 in Donald Knuth. The exam has been posted on the exam page. Solutions to the exam come from the seminars of the course.

May 28, 2014  Seminar questions, corrected online lecture link

I have now updated the page for the last seminar with all your submitted questions. I will select some of them for the exam. Also, I have updated a link to one of the recorded lecture parts on the CORBA Component Model.

May 16, 2014  Last seminar Thursday, May 22 15-17

According to the decision taken at the seminar today, the last seminar will be next Thursday 15-17. The TimeEdit schedule will hopefully be updated accordingly. Wednesday 28 will feature a Q&A session 10-12, similar to the one we had a while ago during office hours, where you can ask me questions in relation to the topics of the course. Please e-mail me in advance if there is anything particular you would like to ask me, just as last time.
Some groups had only a few active participants, which led to some groups merging for the last seminar. Those who did not attend the seminar today but plan to attend the last one, please contact your group members for more information.

April 24th, 2014  Office hours May 8 moved

May 8th there will be a guest lecture from Opera Software on large-scale applications and data management, so office hours are moved to directly after the lecture.

March 31th, 2014  Seminar texts revised and office hours moved

The seminar descriptions have been revised, reflecting the fact that groups will be mixed to maximize the distribution of solutions to questions during the seminar. Also, office hours April 3rd are move to April 2nd 9-11 instead due to schedule conflicts.

March 21 2014  Welcome!

Next week marks the start of the course. We will meet for the first lecture Tuesday the 25th 10-12 in U10. See you all then!

March 14 2014  Most content online

Most of the contents of the course are now in place, only some online lecture content is still to be uploaded. Welcome everybody to this year's edition of TDDD05.

7 Jan 2014  New edition of the course

These pages are being revised for the new edition of this course in Spring 2014. Any content is preliminary and information may change.

10 June 2013  Exam review on friday 14 june 12:15-13:00

The result of the exam of 1 june 2013 has been reported to Ladok. Information about the grading scheme is attached to the notification letters sent out by Ladok.
An exam review session (tentavisning) has been scheduled for friday 14 june 2013, 12:15-13:00 in room Donald Knuth, IDA.
Use this opportunity to inspect your exam and ask questions about the correction.
Afterwards the exams will be archived in the IDA student expedition (E-house, upper floor).

14 May 2013  Moving the last lecture to 20/5/2013 15-17

Due to a business trip I have to move the last lecture (model-driven development; optimized composition) from 24/5 to monday 20/5/2013 at 15-17 in room R43. (This means we have a 4-hour lecture slot on monday afternoon.)

29 Apr 2013  Muddy-card evaluation 2013

The report about the muddy card evaluation of friday 26/4/2013 is now available here.

15 Feb 2013  New examinator 2013

The course pages are being updated for 2013.
The new interim examinator for 2013 is Christoph Kessler.

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