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TDDD05 Component-Based Software

Examination - Written Assignment

The course has the following examination items:

UPG2 - Seminar hand-in assignment - 2 hp/ECTS

UPG3 - Individual report - 4 hp/ECTS

Until 2014, the course featured a written exam (TEN1) which has since been removed. See information below.
TEN1 - Written examination - 6 hp/ECTS (4 old credits)


The grading will be based on the final paper submissions. The papers are submitted in groups, but the grades are individual, therefore questions during seminars will be used to evaluate the partecipation level of each member of the group. Papers will be peer-reviewed by students and then checked by the course assistants and examiner. In case of disagreement the examiner has the final vote on the grade.

The grading of your reports will be based on specific grading criteria.