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TDDD05 Component-Based Software

Vt2 2017

Latest News...

March 24, 2017  Course page update

Course pages for labs and seminars have been updated. The timetable is now up to date. Registration for UPG2 and UPG3 in WebReg is open.

May 13, 2015  Final seminar

For some reason, I miscalculated the number of seminars in the course in my previous edition of the workflow chart. As described at the beginning of the course, there will be a sixth, final seminar with presentations of some of papers written during the course, and the seminar page has been updated with this information as well.

May 7, 2015  Workflow presented

Some of you had difficulties understanding the requirements for the tasks during the course. I have added a workflow chart on the seminar page to help with this.

March 27, 2015  Lecture slides from the Model-based Development lecture online

The lectures page has been updated with information on yesterday's lecture on Model-Based Development.

March 26, 2015  TimeEdit link updated

The timetable has been updated with the correct link to the TimeEdit schedule.

March 25, 2015  Clarifications on grading and update on advanced topic classification

I made a clarification on the exam page as to how the grading will depend on the criteria of the reports that you write. Also, Service-Oriented Architectures may be considered an advanced topic as well, considering the tutorial contents in lab 2.

March 24, 2015  Course start!

Welcome everyone! The 2015 edition of TDDD05 starts this week and there are revised descriptions of the lab series, as well as descriptions of the assignments required to pass the course.

Feb 4, 2015  Course web being updated

New information is now added to reflect changes in the examination of the course.

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